Monday, February 15, 2010

writing a book

is this a ridiculous idea?

truthfully, i always assumed i would attempt to. but anyway. it's for neal's class. the creative writing one. we have to put together a portfolio. a pretty sizable one. i could (and perhaps should, as he is nudging) use it as an opportunity to get started on a book.

problem is, my writing so far ....

well okay. i've got a bumfull of poetry. and some prose-y chapters that sorta just read like a blog. a blog like this one. which is fine, but lacks...well, characters and development and all that shebang. 

i could just keep doing the poem thing and submit a whack of them at the end of term. or i could push myself to start an actual story. semi-autobiographical, most likely. but yknow... a thing with chapters and direction. maybe some doodles in it too.

hmmm              (would people read this thing?)



  1. i am reading everything!

    and i would certainly read your book.
    write a book!

  2. write a book. ruby.

  3. hahaha. ruby.

    so prophetic. so succinct.