Sunday, February 7, 2010


to you, this self love week. 

i just wanna be gay. like really gay. wanna be your burnin butch dyke. wanna be your leather daddy, sugar. just wanna operate you like a drill. wanna take you with my pills. wanna fuck you on your kitchen table. wanna hammer you to a wall. wanna rock you like queen between my flannel sheets. just wanna be your girl in the streets. wanna see you drip wet like summer on sand. just wanna be your unchartered land. just wanna hold your hand. wanna power-suit your lipstick lesbian. wanna let you toss my head of hair behind you. wanna stick-shift remind you. wanna feel your sili-cock between my thunder thighs. wanna be your lord of the flies. 

wanna have you pin me against my fair trade fridge...or on top of the recycling bin...below the weight of your vegan-beefy bones. wanna hear your moans. just wanna buffy your apocalypse. wanna be the loose lips on your sinking ship. wanna be sub sub substitute teacher to your principal. wanna be on my knees, master. wanna go harder, faster. just wanna find me a queen to wine and dine and disco. wanna have them hear me in san francisco. just wanna rock out with my cock out to that thumpa-thumpa. just wanna be glitter on your body boy. wanna see you touch your body boy. wanna bend you over my knee and punish your begging bottom. just wanna knight rider your galloping steed. wanna make you bleed. wanna feel you so deep inside me there's no noise. wanna bring the noise, baby. just wanna be your juliet. wanna cleave to some little eggshell picket fences. wanna lose my senses. wanna let you tie me up and paint my nipples chartreuse. wanna play duck duck goose. just wanna soccer mom your dick and jane. wanna feel your pain. wanna pre-nup you in every orifice. wanna ready-rim you ambiguous. wanna pillage your money-spot religious. wanna have your hipster anti-o my hick salacious. wanna daisy drive {formerly you} ze fellatious. just wanna finger-phone-fuck you on-call. wanna have it all. cuz i can have it all.


  1. i love this and i want it in printttt!!! (my birthday is april 2nd)


  2. damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!