Saturday, April 11, 2009

falling farther than off the horse. and RANT.

hello my lovelies. aka wesley - my number one (and dare i say only?) fan.

so yeah, i knew this would happen. start a blog. forget to post. anyway. i'm sorry. a million times over. but with a few months gone by, i've got loads to tell ya!

first off , upcoming things!

Spring into Action: A Discussion of Disability, Art and Advocacy
April 14, 12:30-2:15pm
York University, Accolade West Building
Room ACW 103
Lindsay Fisher and Jes Sachse - Envisioning New Meanings of Disability and Difference
Nancy Viva Davis Halifax - Critical Disability Studies, York University
Esther Ignagni - School of Disability Studies, Ryerson University
Cheryl Zinyk and Janet Monroe - SOL Express of L'Arche Community


May 2nd - Junction BIA opening! 6pm Dundas West (more deets to come)
May 7th - Come As You Are opening! 7pm @ 701 Queen W


i've done loads of new shoots and still have more to upload. so keep checkin my site for new stuff. put under the folder aptly named 'new stuff!!'. i'm so clever sometimes.

i think thats it for now...unless i'm forgetting something huge. oh! somethings that have happened that were awesome to be a part of would have to be the Hair Project opening ( and also Eli Clare's visit to Toronto. sharing a stage with one's hero is a bit like drinking a chocolate milkshake in the buff while being nuzzled by baby kitties. mmmmm. oh yes! (check out his testimonials page. i'm am most def 'anonymous reader' (...4 comments down). yeah, we're pretty much bff.

i promised you a rant, and i actually have a few. 

the lovely people at contact ( decided that what i wrote about my CAYA exhibit needed some re-vamping: 

The gaze has long defined the depiction of physical disabilities, from Vaudeville to the medical text. Stereotypes exist as flattened notions molded by the viewer. Alleviate is a series of images— some playful, some provocative—that form an unapologetic narrative told from the viewpoint of the subject. Juxtaposing recognizable archetypes with self-representations, this series provides the observer with an invitation to take a fresh look.

a fresh look. reeeeeally. does it now? yes yes. disability like YOU'VE NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE. come one, come all. 

that. is not. what i wrote. here's the original: 

From the Vaudeville to the medical text to the telethon, the image of physical disability has long been defined by 'the gaze'. Race, sexuality, and gender expression all exist as flattened notions molded by the looker - interacting contradictorily with the truth that these ideas are never simple nor static. Alleviate is a series of images; some playful, some provocative; that form an unapologetic narrative told by the subjects. Through the juxtaposition of recognizable archetypes with self representations, this series pervades public and private spaces to provide the observer with an invitation: to look...

hmph. i know i went over the word limit, but come onnnnn now. oh toronto art scene, how i love thee. last year when i was interviewed by Eye Weekly, the bubbly reporter commented on how articulate i was. and how, and i quote, 'disability is so en vogue'. ummm. i WANTED to say: 'ohhh yeah. paralysis is totally the new black'. but i just stammered something about how it was nice to see disabled artists finally getting the attention they deserve...

bah. anyway, so my idea for contact is this: they want fresh? ima show them fresh... (new additions to what i already planned on showing are in the works. i encourage you to check out the show...)

other rant worthy things:

zenfolio has decided that some of my stuff has violated their terms of use. they stipulate as follows: 

I. Prohibited Content
All pornographic material of any kind is prohibited from being displayed on this Web site. Images that contain nudity are allowed only if they exhibit artistic or other social value and are not pornographic as defined by the laws of California and the United States. 'doctor, doctor' series, and all my self portraits are porn. and do not exhibit artistic or social value. clearly. check it out! CENSORED. 

which is a big thorn in my side. because my shows are coming up. and well feck, i've already paid for a year of hosting. and now what do i do? rub elbows with some porn honchos and find out where they get their hosting? perhaps. this sexual negativity shit is really getting annoying.


sigh. well i should end on a good note, i reckon. i, jes sachse, promise to keep on 'keepin it real'. its been a trying two weeks. lady drama (as always) and shoots and shows and good brew. thunderheist, weakerthans, mothermother, drag show, the vancouver poetry slam (!!), and just general merriment have made for a march (and now april) to remember. 

now off i go to stick it to the man. errr...artistic elite.


  1. what!
    eff zenfolio.
    eff them.
    I wanted to look at our peekturs and do some writing about it.

    I wanna get a blog.