Thursday, January 29, 2009

conferences, cramps, and contact

ah yes. my habit of starting projects and forgetting about them is alive and well.

sorry dear blog of mine.


i just got back from CUQSC, where i gave a presentation on race&gender&ability and 'the gaze'. from old freakshow documentation, to medical texts, to modern art, to erotica and porn. about 50 people came out. which is probably at least double what i expected.

but considering it was the debut of that workshop (entitled '(freaks) getting freaky'...hehe) some great dialogue was had and overall i think it was a success. and one of my lovely participants bought me a tequila shot later in the evening. nothing i love more than great dialogue, new friends, and hard liquor.

a panel discussion took place following the time of my workshop, that thankfully i was able to catch. the topic was queer organizing and the curriculum. one of the panelists was a teacher. and she spoke about current organizing. and the decision to 'come out' in the teaching profession.

i couldn't help but sit back in my chair and think back to my own messy adolescence. not being accomodated in gym class. skipping queer sex...or sex as pleasureful...or disabled people being sexual altogether. queer wasn't even on the menu. let alone the idea that i could be full of agency. and have a hot sex life. fuck the pity here, it's just a waste really. how we teach the perpetuately pussing wound of humanity just to bleed.

beth gives me a bit of hope though. i was happy to bump into her at the loud bar we all gathered in afterwards. scotch in hand, we toasted to the closets of high school and the opportunity to break down just one more barrier at a time.

thankfully i arrived home in one piece. guelph was an excellent host. next year the torch goes to UVic. oh how lovely that would be! however, i already have some traveling comin up soon. on monday i am off to mcmaster to show some of my art (yes...some Contact sneak peaks), and peform in the evening, alongside the lovely Julie Devaney - who i had the pleasure of performing with in July 2007. anyone in the area should definitely come catch the show! there are undoubtedly activities happening all the throughout the day, focused on disability and diversity.

so, as i am typing i am remembering all sorts of dates and such...coming up so soon, so maybe i'll just whip out some bullets...

  • much better!
  • feb 2nd - diversity day, mcmaster (hamilton): art show and evening performance
  • feb 9th - self love week, trent university (peterborough): erotic photography workshop ;)
  • feb 19 - envisioning new meanings video launch (will give more details soon), toronto
  • feb 26 - peterborough poetry slam: hosting!
  • mar 5 - contact fundraiser? (i got a mysterious email about details yet...)
  • may 2nd - CONTACT: Junction BIA juried exhibit launch
  • may 7th - CONTACT: Come As You Are exhibit opening

man, lists make me realize how much i am actually doing. wowsa.

i will try to keep (at least) this list updated. but for now i think...i have covered everything. yes.

no! cramps. today marks the day i experienced the worst cramps of my life. we're talkin apocalyptic. i did not take pain killers, well because i was at work and had none and am not even menstruating so its not like i could really prepare anyway.

but talk about the war of 1812. in your crotch.

someone needs to declare a ceasefire STAT.


  1. Dearest Boris 2,

    I dare say I miss you terribly,
    My loins pine feverishly for our sacred reunion.
    and of course by sacred reunion i actually mean...

    DANCE PARTY!!!!!!!
    (or steamy make-outsss)

    Wesley B Doan

  2. You forgot an important date: Jan 31 - modeling for one H Norris. ha.

    Two things that need to happen in greater frequency:
    - Me reading your blog
    - You updating your blog.

  3. i am sad i had not seen these comments until now.

    i would have:

    a) made out with wesley when i saw him last
    b) probably not updated any more frequently but definitely given it some serious thought.