Saturday, April 18, 2009

female bodied person


i'm moving soon. which is pretty awesome. to a quaint little 2 bedroom house with my beefy man friend, mason. we have some pretty exciting things planned. like monogrammed towels. and matching bed frames and duvet covers. and a walmart portrait.

this is what i count on mason for - someone i know who will get as excited about stupid little things as me. which is great if you're like me and have any sort of tendency to slip into periods of melancholy. ohhhh the tragedddy of human exxiissstence.


anyway, other fun things are coming up. like...oh! yes. i just got an email saying i was accepted to be in the york disability studies grad conference art show. its juried, so i guess that means my merit shall be judged. ha. i should pick some really obscure pieces. they'll probably mumble under their moustaches 'mmmhmmm. avant-garde somethingsomething'

oh art.

also. i had a ridiculous night. i feel like i say that a lot. but its true.

friday night. me. mascara. uxbridge. blues band. unnnh.

nuf said?

no. so i go out with my mom and her friends and they're ordering fancy red wines and i'm sampling (and by sampling i mean drinkin to save my life) and this band goes up. and ohhh man.. they were good. especially the dude on keys. who is wailing it. and throwing his foot on the upper octaves every five seconds - which was a multi-fold of hilarity since my mom was a foot (ha) away and was fearing for her life with each gusted limb toss and careening loafer.

but said musician was also grinnnnning at me. hardcore. seriously. i had to start texting to avoid his eyes. anyway. after their set he invites me out for a smoke. well actually no - says he WOULD invite me out but something about a girlfriend blah blah - at which point i cut him and his ego off saying 'it's alright, homie. i'm into chicks.'

which really didn't quell his enthusiasm. but anyway, we're smoking and he's going on about how he used to play back up for all the old queens back in the day. and keeps referring to me as a female bodied person. and telling me i've got stars on me? around me?

if i had to describe this man i would say he resembled kramer, from seinfeld. only less funny. but then funny because of that.

weird as he was, boy could he lay it down.

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