Tuesday, June 14, 2011

i don't know how to write you
here, in the crispness of the stanza
i fumbly comb the reaches of this
ardor only
to have it collapse enchanted around me
like the mattress
we've fallen from countless
times trying
to figure out whatitis
we mean to say

open and
your laughing eye!
the sage walls drip with icarus
this and every night
as imagined wings spread
beyond the expanse
of the room
charred by candles
and the burning light of the auto repair across the street
a winter pyre
forgiven by february
hands on flesh

we speak in pancakes
and parenthesis
like careful creatures planting
flowers at midnight
close the bathroom door around me
close your legs around me
chase the never ending
off the toilet seat
down your body
until i can't feel
anything but the madness of you

red velvet
your open mouth
nursing raspberries from my arms like
branches above you-
a tree planted
on that couch, a narrow
opening in time

who should
put the coffee on?
an earnest 
pot pouring
into cups like craters from months of remember
and into me
you're onto me
flash from skyeyes
and close
and o

how many more nights
i will call to icarus
again and again
crying out from the top
of the tree, or below
the toppling
the steady

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