Tuesday, September 7, 2010

breakdown, or- i guess making a newspaper is like being a dad.

i need and want someone to take care of me too.

i think i hate that about my humanness. i can be a rock and a island and a mutant and an android. but not simultaneously human.


  1. Hey, I'm Cora, taking Social Work at UVic. I'm queer and poly and kinky and weird. I attended your workshop at CUQSC in Guelph in 2009, it was awesome. So when my disability studies prof asked us to look at the autobiography of someone living with disabilities and reflect on their experience, I started googling you. I know it's shocking with the internet starts to feel real and you realize how much information is on there and accessible, and so I wanted to write and let you know I was reading (especially after I read: "i've resisted blogging for a while with all this american able buzz. because this is the space i've been using to 'just write' in that unfiltered way. surveillance is an interesting beast. feeling like you're walking some imaginary line between your honest to goodness self and the self you feel the need to be, now that you've earned a cyber-soapbox."). I have particularly enjoyed your blog, especially the poem "Short Leg Strong". I wanted to ask you permission to include your experiences in my paper, and if you're willing to answer a few questions let me know that too?

    Here's all of my online stuff, so you don't feel like you're the only one being watched :)


  2. hehe. totally!

    feel free to use whatever material i've posted on here, too. hope you're doing well. i'm glad you said hello!

    send me an email : jes.sachse@gmail.com

  3. Congratulations on being nominated for a Canadian Blog Award!


    You have a good blog; you should think about joining:


    - John